Safety Interlock System Induction Cap sealing machine with MMI

 Electrical Input Requirements :

Input Voltage 230Volts AC ± 10 % Single Phase, 50 Hertz.
Input Current 5 Amperes.

Safety Interlocks :

1.   No Wad Detection System.

This interlock is used to detect the presence of the Induction Foil in the cap. If the Foil is absent, an audio alarm will get activated and as well as bottle will be rejected by bottle rejection system [ If machine is with Bottle Rejection System].

2.    Auto On / Off System.

This interlock detects the in feed of the bottle. When the bottle enters into the sealing head the machine starts to seal. After the last bottle enters, the machine waits for the next bottle to arrive within the SET waiting time. If no bottle enters, the machine stops sealing thus saving power.

3.     Stalled Bottle System.

This interlock is used to detect if the bottle is stalled under the induction head. In this case, the machine will deactivate sealing and give off an audio visual alarm to avoid overheating and burning of induction foil.

4.     Conveyor Stop System

This interlock detects the movement of your line conveyor. If your conveyor gets stopped due to any fault, the system will detect this and deactivate the sealing of the machine. This will also give off an audio visual alarm.

5.  Bottle Rejection System – Pneumatic operated Bottles Rejection System to reject bottles without induction wads with Rejection Delay and Duration Control with Reject Bottle Counter. Rejected bottles will be collected in collection trey.

6. All faults will be displayed in on MMI as well as buzzer as well as bottle counters with Total no of bottles and total rejected.

7. Inbuilt Conveyor speed display and speed controlling POT in controller as well as output Current.

Other Features :

  • Bottle Counter Displayed on Screen of PLC with reset counter with password protection.
  • All Timers will be adjustable with password protection.
  • Easy to operate.
  • All Faults will be indicated by an Audio-Visual Alarm. Relay Outputs.



A. 230 V, 15 Amp Single Phase input
B. With On-off Switch with MCB
C. Output Current : 0 to 4 Amp
D. AMP display on digital Panel meter.
E. Micro controller base automatic safety system controller with No wad System,

stalled bottles system, m/c auto on off, Conveyor stop system to give alarm if Induction wad is not present.

F. Timer setting for m/c auto on – off, Stalled bottle, bottles rejection timing as well bottles counters in controller.
G. MOC – SS304


A. Tunnel type / Flat Air Cool Induction head for better sealing at lower Amp for 20 mm to 90 mm cap diameter bottles.

Different Type of Head

  1. Narrow Tunnel type head to seal bottle from 20 mm to 50 mm Cap diameter with sealing speed of 60 to 80 BPM
  2. Standard Tunnel type head to seal bottle from 20 mm to 70 mm Cap with sealing speed of 50 to 70 BPM
  3. Broad Flat type Head to seal bottle from 25 to 100 mm Cap diameter with sealing speed of 30 to 20


A. Adjustable head stand to adjust height for different type of bottles from 100 mm height to 300 mm height.
B. Smooth Movement with easy to handle
C. MOC: Chrome Plated


A. 0.5 HP AC motor
B. Gear Box
C. 0.5 HP AC Drive with SS 304 Box with ON-OFF and display
D. SS 304 Slat chain of 100/150 mm width
E. Length – 1.2 meter long
F. Height – 800 to 900 mm adjustable
G. 4 nos Moving Wheel to move conveyor belt from one place to another
H. MOC : SS 304

E . BASE STAND – SS 304 to mount Machine and head stand separately then conveyor belt along with 4 nos wheel to move from one place to

F . ALL CABLES & SENSORS – PNP NO conduc tive sensor & PNP NO proximity IR sensor. I/p supply Cable & I/p supply cable to AC motor of conveyor belt with male female connector.