Technical Specifications

Direction : Left to Right
Output Electrical Rating : 13 to 33mm (Change part included)
Cap Diameter : (A) 15 to 38 mm Dia.
Cap container Size :
(B) 50 or 210 mm option for other bottle height ava
(A) 0.25 hp/ 1400 RPM motor for conveyor drive
Electrical Rating :
(B) 0.25 hp/ 1400 RPM motor for pressing device dr 230 Volts AC 50Hz
Power characteristics : 2135 (1) X 925(w) X 2350 (h)
Overall Dimension in mm : (A) Container: star wheel back guide, feed worm
Change Parts Required : (B) Cap : Plunger, Delivery chute, Vibratory bowl

Salient Features

  • No bottle – No cap system.
  • Cap feeder with variable speed system for feeding control of caps
  • Minimum change over time
  • Machine is constructed of SS-304.
  • Specially designed bowl is provide to increase storage capacity of caps.
  • Sealing pressure can be varied to suit different gauges and size of caps.
  • Low noise level – Less power consumption