Processes & Operation

Tunnel Belt width 45
User area Ampoules
Model G.M.P.
Output 300 amp/min
Operation Automatic through PLC
Room Height Requirement
All Hepa Filters Class = 100
Hepa Filter Module SS304
Sterilizing Zone Inside Parts SS304
Conveyor SS304
All Structural elements M.S. paint coat
External Panel SS304
Control Panel SS304
Heaters Incoloy DS Matl
Tunnel details Functional

Drying Zone:

Component M.O.C. SS304
Effective length of Drying Zone 460mm
Hepa Filter size 457mm x 457mm =1 no.

Technical Specifications :

erilizing Zone:
Component M.O.C. SS304
Minimum Endotoxin Reduction log -3
Max. Temp. 350°C
Effective length of Sterilizing Zone 760mm
Hepa Filter size 457mm x 380mm = 2 nos.
Heater Start Up load 30 KW
Heater Regulating load 120 KW
Cooling Zone:
Component M.O.C SS304
Effective Cooling length 1220mm
Hepa Filter size 457mm x 610mm = 2nos.
Environment Parameters:
Total Qty. of Exhaust air 800 CFM
Temp. of Exhaust air 70°C
Power Requirements:
All Motors + Conveyors + All zone Heater 45 H.P. incoming cable
Utilities of Air 1200 CFM
Tunnel Overall dimensions 3300 x 1100 x 2350
Length x Width x Height (mm) Length Width Height
Net Weigh approx. 2200 Kgs
Control Panel dimensions 13% 4X xk
L Length x Width x Height (feet) Width Height Depth )

* Specifications can be customised as per requirement.