Machine Structure :

* Machine frame structure is Made up of SS material duly cladded with S.5.304 sheet.

* Contact Parts in direct contact with product/ Rubber stoppers will have MOC of S.S. 316 and Non Contact Parts MOC will be of SS 304/Delrin/ POM.
* SS304 Control Panel Out Side Machine frame

Technical Specifications :


1st Wash Compressed Air (Inner)
2st Wash Re-Circulated Water (Inner / Outer)
3st Wash Compressed Air (Inner)
4st Wash D. M. Water (Inner / Outer)
5st Wash W.F.I. Water (Inner)
6st Wash Compressed Air (Inner)


Ist Wash Re-Circulated Water (Inner / Outer)
2nd Wash Compressed Air (Inner)

Machine Salient Features :

* Main Motor Overload — Machine

* Emergency Stop – Machine Stop

* Re-Circulation Water Level Low — Light Indicate/Machine Stop « DM Water Level Low — Light Indicate/Machine Stop

* Specifications can be customised as per requirement